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Throwback ’86

The 1980′s was famous for many things such as Micheal Jackson, Madonna, brick-sized cellphones, the first computers, and PAC-MAN. But we car fanatics remember it as the years of flip-up head lights and two door hatchbacks. Vehicles such as Luis’ 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe is a great example of a modified import car would be in the 80′s and 90′s.

This AE86 was kept clean at all costs, the paint is still the original  from the factory! To go with the classic 80′s mods, he dropped it on Megan Coilovers then slapped on 15×7, 7.5 SSR Formula Mesh wheels all around. He also added a Seibon carbon fiber hood, Japanese spec Trueno front, JDM side skirts, and Kouki coupe tail-lights.  But thats only on the outside.

The interior consists of Bride Vios racing seats, a Personel red-stitch steering wheel, Personel Shifknob, and a led Tachometer.

The engine also has a little work as well. It consists of a fully-built race spec 4A-GE and a Zenki LSD rear end to hold the power.  To go with the power he added a custom cat-back exhaust, GReddy catch can, GodSpeed Aluminum radiator, NST cooling fan, and NGK spark plug covers.

Luis SR5 is a great example of a fully restored AE86. Its shows how sometimes a older car still can look as good as the modded vehicles today, maybe even better.

Photos by: Carlos Cedillo

Owner: Luis Chavez



  • blake November 4, 2011

    Sick lu! 86 mafia!!

  • Polly September 17, 2012

    Mazda, one of my first loves.I think Mazda should do a 9, but I would trgeat it at the Avalon and Maxima. A CLS like car to battle the new Passat CC is a great idea, but I would call it the Mazda8. Excellent idea by the way…but I think $30k would be hard to achieve. I would think fully optioned, closer to $35k, sharing price points with the proposed Mazda9, difference being style vs. space.I tihnk a Mazda7 should also be launched, that one being a Mazda6 coupe. The new Accord coupe is virtually unchallenged, ‘cuase that Altima coupe is a joke. The MX-6 of old was such a desirable car. I would also do a convertible version too. A true 4 seater affordable convertible is hard to find these days. A Mazada10 would be next on my list if I were Mazda, this being a full size minivan. Considering the new offerings from Chrysler/VW, and knowing the new Oddy from Honda and the new Sienna from Toy are around the corner, (same for the Nissan Quest), I would be doing up nice 10! seater ‘minivan’, complete with a turbo engine and AWD. It might be big, but with fuel prices, people are looking for ways to haul more people per trip instead of taking 2 cars.Axing the RX-8 and launching an RX-9 would be next. A true high hp sports car, the RX-9 would be one of the only fuel efficient yet super powerful sports car on the market. Think 30mpg in the city with 400hp and a 0 – 60 in 4.5secs. All for $40 to $45k.Sounds crowded, but if production were kept low for each model, Mazda would have no problem selling ‘em all.

  • Arya September 18, 2012

    Right now, I doubt it. The way the world is, and Americans are downsizing, wihuott a healthy market they may have problems selling a 9. The new Mazda6 for North America is actually larger than that sold elsewhere (which is already pretty big — hey, garages do not grow with cars, and many of us outside Nth America park on the streets), and Americans also get V6 versions of the car. If you bring out a 9, just how large an engine would that need? Fine just a few years back, but I reckon a theoretical Mazda9 would need a large V6 and a V8.


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