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The Fall Street Sweeper | Jed’s Shark Fighter Miata

Hey everyone, new guy here! My name’s Kalen and I’m a photographer here at FRESHonSTANCE covering the midwest!

Originally from a small Nebraska town, Jed’s come a long ways since he’s taken an interest in cars. After seeing his friend’s 3rd generation Prelude laid out with aggressive fitment, he decided to drive into the stance culture. When he first picked up his Miata just over a year ago, he never thought he’d be where he is today. “I bought the Miata as a fun project, never thought I would end up owning one,” he told me. It didn’t take him long to start turning heads.


e  Being this low in Nebraska isn’t easy. The mix of mediocre roads and unpredictable weather makes for less than desirable conditions, but Jed toughs it out.


aJed wanted to give a shout out – “To my dad for supporting me in this build even though he’s into muscle cars, haha.” Also his friends Zach, Jacob, Brando, and myself!


f When he’s not busy sweeping the streets and throwing sparks, Jed enjoys PC gaming and photography as well.

i Jed’s currently rocking a set of 15×9 +0 Shakotans wrapped in 195/45s for a nice stretch. Slammed on Rokkor coilovers, he also picked up some custom extended top hats to achieve maximum low while preserving some ride quality.


c Future plans include wider wheels, over fenders, and a skid plate. He also plans to fix up the body and repaint it gunmetal grey, but will stick with the “Shark fighter” theme.


Pictures by KRD Photography for FRESHonSTANCE

Mods/Spec List

-1990 Mazda Miata


-Topspeed N1 Style catback exhaust

-Custom motor mounts to provide oil pan clearance


-Rokkor coilovers

-Custom 2″ extended top hats

-Helper springs removed


-Rota Shakotans, 15×9 +0 all around

-195/45/15 Toyo T1r proxes tires


-OEM hardtop

-Garage Vary style front lip

-”Shark fighter” paint job

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  • Alex November 14, 2013

    Sick car. I’ve always loved Miatas. This is bad to the bone.

    • kalen Drullinger November 14, 2013

      We’re glad you like it!

  • Dominic November 15, 2013

    sick miata i luv those pics of it sitting in the leaves, i hope to get featured one day once my babe is done

  • Rob November 15, 2013

    Damn i love this miata! one of my favs, also very nice pics! :D

    • kalen Drullinger November 23, 2013

      Thanks Rob, I really appreciate it!


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