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The Conversion Factor

Growing up in the States, especially in the city Los Angeles, we always hear three letters making up the the word “JDM”, meaning Japanese Domestic Market. This trend causes many owners to change the names, emblems, engines, and even interior goods of their USDM vehicles to become JDM spec, to look similar to it’s Japanese counter part. But this conversion migrated to Japan, and has become one the trends there called “USDM” (doesn’t that sound familiar?).

This 1993 Nissan Silvia K’s is jaw-dropping example of one of Japan’s finest USDM spec cars. Masaki’s plan for this Silvia K’s was to stand out from the other S13s driving around.

One of the first modifications, and the most eye-catching is the USDM 240sx pig-nose front end with a Skyline R32 front lip. To make it look more like the 240sx’s that we see here in the United States, Masaki added front and rear US spec side markers and even US spec side mirrors! He even added newly issued California license plates!

But the flawlessness doesn’t stop there, this perfect body needed a perfect set of wheels and suspension, so Masaki added wide and fitted yet drivable SSR SP-1 in the front has 17×9 , while the rear has 17×10 all four with a -1 offset. The drop is done with a Kei Office Coils in the front, and Cusco Coils in the rear.

Sitting in the inside one would feel that he or she is sitting in a RHD USDM 240sx due to the Silvia’s US spec MPH cluster, sunvisors and even turn signal/wiper switch! Masaki’s 240sx, I mean Silvia K’s is a great and perfect example of the USDM trend going on in Japan. He constructed something that many American’s see as normal into something that drop jaws in all countries.


Owner: Kaapa

Location: Japan

Car: S13.


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