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Sunsets and S2000 | Derick Coultas’ S2000

Hey guys and gals of the stance world Keison back again with another fan submission! This one comes to you from Little Rock Arkansas, I would like you guys to meet 23 year old Derick Coultas and his sexy 2005 Honda S2000. Now being from Little Rock I know you guys are wondering how the scene is out there. In Derick’s words he says, “The scene is ok out here, it’s slowly getting better. People out here are more about racing but there is a few really nice cars.”



Derick – “At first I did not know exactly how to get into the slammed lifestyle but I loved seeing a flushed car on the ground.”


We asked Derick what his background was in the scene and how’d he get started and he told us, “Growing up got into the car culture by my older brother. He was more into speed, I was more into looks.”


Derick decided to go with a set of Work Vs-Kf wheels rocking 18×9.5 +30 all the way around. And they look so clean with the polished lips and white paint, definitely a great accent to his flawless red paint!


Warning!! Lots of rolling shots coming up!



“Like many others out there, I thought that it was easy to just slam a car on the ground but its not. It takes alot of work to get the right fitment. And to drive around in a slammed car.” - Derick Coultas




Damn thats clean!!







A couple Miata cameos..





I just love this view! I almost don’t want it to end, but I’m afraid it has to. With that I’ll wrap this feature up. Now Derick really didn’t have any shoutouts to give so I’ll give one for him! All these great images were provided by Ian Caple exclusively for FRESHonSTANCE (Thanks Ian!). Make sure you stick around for a mod/spec list from todays feature of Dericks S2000. And also keep it locked right here to FRESHonSTANCE for more features, coverage, and more! Also stop by our Online shop and pick up all your FRESHonSTANCE merch at ShopFOS.com


Photos By: Ian Caple (exclusively for FRESHonSTANCE)

Words By: Keison Godfrey (with quotes from Derick Coultas)



Mod/Spec List:


2005 Honda S2000



-Work Vs-Kf

-18×9.5 +30 all around

-Bridgestone Potenza re760

-215/35/18 all around


-Buddy Club N+ Coilovers


-Oem front A2P lip

-Oem trunk spoiler

-Low Pro aero side splitters


-Invidia Q300 exhaust with custom piping from Arkansas Performance Exhaust (APE)


-Hasport rear diff mounts

-Hard race drive shaft spacers


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