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Smashing Ants

When I first saw Colin’s Miata on a forum, I really didn’t know what to think. I have never been one for the droptop “chick” car. But this car changed all my opinions.

Painted a custom Jaguar grey, called “Vapour Grey,” this 1991 Mazda Miata Roadster is a perfect example of how amazing these cars can look.

Megan coilovers brought the car down to a new low. I’m going to go out on a limb but I think its safe to say even ants have to be careful of being smashed by this car. I’m just blown away that such a low, driven car has so little damage.

For wheels, Colin chose a real classic: SSR MKII in 14×8 et0 paired with some 185/55/14 tires. The pure white faces match very well with the gray paint.

This miata is just stunning to me. The owner, Colin, really went all out with it, from the on-point fitment to the clean paint job to the turbocharged engine. I can say that I will be following this car as I’m sure the owner will keep doing impressive things with it. Let’s just hope he doesn’t destroy it, being so low and all.

Name: Colin Dixon (17)
Location: Naples, Fl
Year: 1991
Car Make: Mazda
Model: Miata
Wheel/tire Specs: 14×8 et 0 all around (15mm spacer in rear)
Tires are 185/55/14
Suspension: Megan Racing Coilovers
Exterior: Vapour Gray paint (Jaguar color) OEM R lips
Interior: Bride Replica Seats, Roll cage
Engine: 1.6, Turbo (Flyin’ Miata kit), 2004 MSM 6- Speed Transmission

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