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SleepyWagon’s LowBaller LS

“Low Baller” by definition means: A person who offers a same service or product for less than a competitor in order to score more customers and market share. (www.urbandictionary.com) But this LS400 is far from that. ┬áDespite its age, the two-tone metallic gold paint is still looking pristine! Everything done on this Lexus was executed with perfection.


The first modification that Julian did to this was to add some coilovers. It was so low that during the shoot we was scraping everywhere!
The wheels are Fabulous Profounds in 19×9.5 in the front and 19×10.5 in the rear! Wow those are wide!
Look at how Julian set the camber! Tucking fresh!


Julian aka SleepyWagon from the LowBallers sets the bar in car modifications today. They really do make neck breaking cars, cars that are always copied but can never go on their level.
Thanks again Julian for letting me shoot your ride! Keep up!



Some Q & A,

Angelo: Why did you sell the Subie, and got a LS?

Julian: Reason I wanted a LS400 was to feel like boss! Besides that I’ve always wanted a LS400 since I started building my wagon. I didn’t have room to have two cars so I told myself once the wagon is done I’m going to get a big body car. Why I went with a LS400 and not the other VIP platforms was that the LS400 body style is long and wide, when I switched to VIP it was my choice.

Angelo: Any shout outs or thanks to give to anyone?

Julian: First and formost, big ups to the FOS team, my girlfriend and my family for supporting my hobby, Wrong Fitment Crew, LowBallers and the rest of the crews that I chill with. My boys Jdi and Playerr and everyone who’s been in the game since day one. Keep it real and low key, fck the hype.

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  • Alvan Noyola March 1, 2013

    Nice bro ,straight out of Dallas Texas , I got one two list of mods are endless but thanx for the camber and coil over idea it should make the ride sweet now I’m packing twin turbos turbo timers headers straight pipes cold air intake carbon trunk and hood, car color matte white with Volkracing two piece beedlock rims goldish brown color ,with a jdm 1uzfe that I got from jdm shop here in Dallas for $775 with 50,000 miles . And it came out of a Toyota ls 400 in Japan


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