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Ballin’ on a Budget

My good friend Jared Bedrejo took these awesome shots of my car for me when I found out Tom wanted to post pics of my car on FreshonStance. Tom hit me up on ScionLife after he saw my build thread asking if I wanted to be the first to be featured. I said sure why not?


It all started when the governmental program called Cash for Clunkers came out. My first car was a 1989 Jeep Cherokee that was only worth about $900. But when I went to the dealer, they gave me $4,500 for it. I used that money to put down on a 5 spd 2010 Scion tC brand new right off the lot.

Two years and many mods later, this is how my car sits. I like the clean and simple look of cars so I try to stay away from too many stickers. Sometimes less is more. I wanted to have the freshest Scion in the South Bay but since I’m on a college budget, which is very low, I was forced to look for the least expensive parts I could find. My thing is, if you can make your car look good on the low budget you have, then major props.

There are a few haters out there that say I’m on bags. I can assure you that my budget is way too low for those. If you’re gonna drive a slammed car, you have to be down 24/7. Like what some say, “Daily Slammed, Daily Scrapin’, Daily Driven.”

Name: Jeremy Docdocil

Car Model: 2010 Scion TC

Photographer : Jared Bedrejo



Rota torques
Fronts are +27 with -2 camber
Rears are +10 with -4 camber

All wrapped in 215/35 tires

Megan Racing short shifter

Muteki open ended lug nuts

Modified Rokkor tuning coilovers
Ingal camber bolts

Rs1 front lip, side skirts, rear lip
Badgeless grills.
Debadged rear emblem
Wink mirror.
Modified shorty antenna

APT foglights
Anzo tail lights
6000k HIDs

Raceland CAI converted to SRI.

Trd front strut bar.

Greddy evo2 exhaust
Tsudo midpipe with extra resonator




  • JayQ May 10, 2011

    legit! same concept i was going for with my tC as well. clean and simple on a budget :) i give it 3 thumbs up!

  • Chris Nguyen May 11, 2011

    sick and clean! wish i had a tc

  • alexsays May 11, 2011

    Oh man i love the color color combo! this car really does look FRESH! real or fake the white wheels are so sick!!! keep up the good work! :)

  • krze May 13, 2011

    Always loved this tC. Great work man!

  • phuphu May 14, 2011

    beautiful car! ill trade you my 2008 camry xD lol

  • Edgar June 14, 2011

    Awesome tc and we are in the same position.

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  • tony November 23, 2011

    yoo when you gonna post new pic of your new wheels!

  • jasper March 31, 2012

    can u go 80mph in a highway?


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