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AUTOCON “Toys for Tots” Carshow 12.10.11


Here are the photos from the Autocon, Toys for Tots carshow coverage last week, hope you enjoy them!

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H.I.N. Los Angeles “The Return” 12.3.11


Hot Import Nights, a car show that has become the idol of car shows today, a show that blends man’s two favorite things, cars and women. Walking around I would see cars that would catch my eye and others that didn’t, even though I still had fun. Meeting new people and seeing new things in the automotive community. Sorry for the short words, but now let the pictures speak for themselves.

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The Scion FR-S(FT-86), the long awaited sports car of the decade was unveiled unveiled yesterday, on Wednesday November 30,2011 to a small number of people at a private event in Los Angeles. This private event consisted of exclusive people in the automotive industry, famous Toyota/Scion race car drivers, famous newspapers and blogs, and most of Scion owners. To me, this was the first ever revealing that I attended so I didn’t know want to expect.

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The Virginian LowLife

This mazdaspeed was built with the intention of racing on the track while looking low and mean, he certainly achieved that. As many would keep the Mazdaspeed’s superb factory suspension, Josh swapped it out for some Stance GR+ coilovers to slam the car and maintain its great “on-rails” like handling. Addition to that, he added 16×8.25+0 XXR 527s all around to give it a mean looking stance.
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A Well Equip’d G50


Work Equips are such a simple, classic wheel design: the five spoke. They happen to also be three piece, often come in crazy widths and offsets, and usually look quite stunning when mounted on pretty much any car. They’re usually seen on 350z’s and 240sx’s, but here we see a very different platform. enter Jimmy from Liberty VIP.

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A Cube of Copper


The Nissan Cube has been in the U.S. for a little over two years and has become a vehicle that many choose to modify due to its out of the norm style and price.

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Throwback ’86


The 1980′s was famous for many things such as Micheal Jackson, Madonna, brick-sized cellphones, the first computers, and PAC-MAN. But we car fanatics remember it as the years of flip-up head lights and two door hatchbacks. Vehicles such as Luis’ 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe is a great example of a modified import car would be in the 80′s and 90′s.

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One Love’s SC


SC, what do those two letters come to mind? What does it mean? Well to some, and maybe the rest of the world it means USC but to us, it stands for Lexus’ Luxury Coupe, the SC300/SC400 or Soarer in Japan. As the stance hype gets bigger and bigger, it starts to get harder to find a car that stands out from today and previous years. Wilmer’s SC has become to one of those cars that stands out from the rest and is recognizable anywhere.

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Not your mommy’s ES1!


Honda Civics are well known for its great gas milage, price, durability and most of all its cheap maintenance. Being in the car community we readily hear modified civics such as the hatches and coupes from the 90s-00s, DC5s, EP3s, FA5s and FD2s, rarely you hear about a 2005 Civic sedan.

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Bleached White


Volk TE-37′s are such a sought after wheel. So much so, the good ol’ copycats in China began filling warehouses full of fake TE-37′s. Because of the influx of the knock offs (Rota Grids, Varrstoen’s and such), it becomes much more rare to see the REAL Volks.

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