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WEKFEST San Francisco 2012


WekFest was crackin’ this year! This event was held at the same location as last year, Fort Mason. There was a wide variety of cars in the event from VIP style to muscle cars. Walking through the parking lot looked like a car show itself!

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Import Showcase Feb. 12th 2012


I want to apologize for the late coverage, i was a little under the weather and did nothing but rest. I’m feeling better now so ill just keep this short and to the point. Lets get to the photos!

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The Bagged Wagon

6860963179_c2dd8bec32_z (1)

Being low has its pros and cons, and one of its biggest cons is being unable to go over speed bumps or certain driveways for fear of scraping. Fortunately, Ronald Santos got out of that state. He is one of the first and few bagged subies out there!

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AutoFRESH Part No. 2 Feb. 4th 2012


Hello all, heres photo coverage of AutoFRESH, a collaborative car meet/show from AutoProject and yours truly FRESHonSTANCE. We had a really good turn out with about 200 or so cars. This time I’m going to keep it short. Here are the photos…

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AutoFRESH @ Vertical Doors Inc. on Feb 4,2012


A few months ago AutoProject team and FRESHonSTANCE worked together to conduct a meet. It wasn’t just a stance meet but a meet that welcomed all cars such as muscle cars, DUB rides, clean daily drivers. This was actually one of the meets where there was no drama and no idiots. Thanks again for AutoProject for making this event with us, now on to the pics.

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Katy, the Jetta made Mexico


This little blue VW is so attractive that it always catches my eye, it all has the proper tools to make people do the “double look” (the moment when you see something thats attractive, you need to look at it twice).

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Krispie Kreme Tuesday, The Comeback! Jan 24,2012


It’s a new year, so meaning the start of car meets once again. Krispie Kreme Tuesday is one of those meets that everyone of all car enthusiasts come to see, cars from the JDM, Hellaflush, Euro, Classic, and even Low-riders come out this Tuesday evening to show off their rides and hopefully to get some Donuts.

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So You Think You Can Stance 1.22.12


This past weekend was pretty awesome. Alot of you all went out to Sante Fe Springs for It’s Jdm Yo’s So You Think You Can Stance Meet/Competition. Alot of quality cars came out and showed support, alot of crews came out repping. I saw a few familiar faces as well as some new ones. All in all it turned out to be a pretty chill meet. Any-who here’s the coverage..

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310 Caravan to So You Think You Can Stance


We all know that this past weekend was the So You Think You Can Stance Meet/Competition. Well Tracy of Low N’ Slow Crew thought that us from the 310 should roll in hard. So thus this 310 caravan was created. Rolling about 10-15 cars deep we definitely turned some heads on the freeway. Now enough talk lets see some photos.

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Smashing Ants


When I first saw Colin’s Miata on a forum, I really didn’t know what to think. I have never been one for the droptop “chick” car. But this car changed all my opinions.

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