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Take Your Top Off | David’s Convertible M3


Hey guys it’s Keison back again with another fan submitted feature. This one come from Downtown Seattle Washington by way of Connor Surdi of Connor Surdi Photography. I would like you all to meet David and his convertible BMW M3.  David said his, car is daily driven in downtown area with hills and pot holes but I make it work.“ 

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Keeping it proper | Max’s 2008 Audi TT


Here in upstate New York it’s difficult to find cars that are so elegantly put together like Max’s Audi TT. With harsh winters and short summers the car scene here is very small, but there are those gems that come out every once in awhile. This TT is one of them.

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Sunsets and S2000 | Derick Coultas’ S2000


Hey guys and gals of the stance world Keison back again with another fan submission! This one comes to you from Little Rock Arkansas, I would like you guys to meet 23 year old Derick Coultas and his sexy 2005 Honda S2000. Now being from Little Rock I know you guys are wondering how the scene is out there. In Derick’s words he says, “The scene is ok out here, it’s slowly getting better. People out here are more about racing but there is a few really nice cars.”

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FR-eSh | Marlon Gamez FR-S


Hey guys Keison back again with another get featured submission! On the cusp of 86Fest its only right we bring this to you now!! If you dont know what 86Fest is check the link! Now, meet Marlon Gamez and his Scion FR-S on VIP Modular VRC13‘s. This one comes to you from  Metairie, Louisiana by way of Blake Thibodaux shooting this feature exclusively for FRESHonSTANCE. This Beautiful FR-S belongs to an ordinary 20 year old college student working full time. Lets see the fruits of his labor shall we?

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Hey Guys Keison here with some coverage of todays “Played Out” event By the guys at Players and Rotiform. The meet had an awesome turn out with a bunch of euro guys who spent mad wads of cash on their rides! There was Rotiforms EVERYWHERE!!! And I loved every minute of it! I only got a little bit of time to spend at the meet so me and a couple buddies drove on down to Don The BeachComber in Sunset Beach to check out the scene. We spend about a good hour and a half here and was very impressed at the quality of cars that turned out! Without further adieu heres my coverage of Played Out

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Bossin’ Up | Patrick Elbaum’s Infiniti M45

m45 8

Hey guys Keison back again. After countless emails we’ve received, we’re going to start rolling out some of these features from you fans! Now a lot of our fans are from out of state and even out of the country and Patrick is no exception.

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Different Strokes | Jeff Smith’s Kia Forte 5


Hey guys Keison back again with another fan “Get Featured!” submission. This one comes by way of Columbus Georgia, Jeff Smith, a 29 year old born and raised in Georgia. He spent most of his life restoring, rebuilding, and modifying cars. Jeff got his first motorcycle when he was just 8 and have had several since then. He got his first car at 12, an ’81 Z28 Camaro as a project car for himself and his dad.

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Sonoma Drift | Winter Jam


Here is this year’s coverage of Sonoma Drift – Winter Jam!

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The Fitted 4 Door | Spencer’s “FITTD4D” Altima

Spencer's Altima (66 of 70)

Hey guys, Keison here again with another feature I apologize for the delay so I’ll just jump right into it. I met Spencer at a meet a few months back, and when i saw his 2008 Nissan Altima i knew i had to feature it! A few emails, facebook messages and texts later and i got Spencer to come out to my neck of the woods in the south bay to shoot this feature. Now you dont see a fitted Altima everyday, and Spencer Loudenback was glad to take on the challenge. Bear to be different right? Yes! Lets get to these photos!

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Omar’s Wide Wheeled G35 | Low N’ Slow Crew


Hey Guys Keison back again bringing you another feature thats long overdue. Today we take a look at my good friend Omar and his very clean Beast of a G35. I met up with Omar on the same day i shot with Wilmer, and let me tell you when we get together good things happen. Omar also comes from the very infamous Low N’ Slow Crew(we just love them don’t we?). Well not much talk in this one folks lets get to the photos!

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