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Not your mommy’s ES1!

Honda Civics are well known for its great gas milage, price, durability and most of all its cheap maintenance. Being in the car community we readily hear modified civics such as the hatches and coupes from the 90s-00s, DC5s, EP3s, FA5s and FD2s, rarely you hear about a 2005 Civic sedan.

This ES1 started life as Jon’s gas sipping, reliable daily driver and slowly became into something that is out of the norm and eye catching.

Being a student on the budget Jon choose 16 x 8 Rota Grid Offroads on 205/40 Falken 512. The wheels are paired with Ground Control Coils on all four corners, Ksport rear camber arms and Ingalls front camber bolts to get -5 camber all around.

The exterior is fitted with a PDM Lip, RS style side markers, Blacked-Out headlights and clear fog lights. He also added a AEM V2 intake and a A’PEXi World Sport 2 Exhaust.

This ES1 is by far one of the sickest I’ve ever seen. This car always gets mine, and the crowds attention at the car meets. Jon shows that even on a budget you can make something normal into a daily neck breaker.

Jon Tran
Fullerton, California
2005 Civic ES1
Wheel/Tire Specs:
- Rota Offroad Grid 16×8 +10 w/ 15mm spacers all around: -5
- Falken 512 205/40/16
- Ground Control Coilover Sleeves w/ modified perches
- Ksport rear camber arms
- Ingalls front camber bolts
- PDM Lip
- RS style Sides Skirts
- Blacked out headlights
- JDM Taillights
- Clear Foglights
- Window Visors
- Just added 04-05 STI V-Limited Lip
- EP3 seats
- Grip Royal steering wheel
- AEM V2 intake
- A’pexi World Sport 2 Exhaust
First off I would like to thank FRESHonSTANCE and Angelo for giving me an opportunity be featured on this site. I’d also like to give a shoutout to all my friends that had helped with this build, the whole 7thgenhonda forum, Adam for working hours with me to get this stance right, and most of all my girl Casey for always sticking by my side!
I will be parting and selling this car and will be moving onto another build. To whoever is interested, please email me@ jon_tran@hotmail.com


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  • Jbaldz October 29, 2011

    Damn! that’s fresh


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