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Luxx Goods Trade Show & Car Showcase

Hello fellow FreshOnStance followers! My name is Patrick Pugeda and this is my first post for FreshOnStance. I am a photographer/videographer based out of San Diego, CA. One thing that I love about cars is how you can easily make them unique and stand out from the others. You can easily show off your personality in the little things you decide to do with your ride.

This past weekend, I attended the Luxx Goods Trade Show & Car Showcase hosted by Luxx Goods and Lotek Customs in San Diego. About 100 cars were showcased and the competition was very tough. Many car clubs attended and competed against one another, some clubs even going up against their fellow members. Some of these clubs include: Cali Coalition Car Club, Team Mistu San Diego, San Diego Subies, San Diego Stangs, and Nokturnal (San Diego).

It was a great turn out and hopefully I am able to attend more of the events to get more coverage for FreshOnStance!

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_V3A8146 _V3A8145 _V3A8141 _V3A8136 _V3A8135 _V3A8131 copy_V3A8126 _V3A8125 _V3A8109 _V3A8108 _V3A8107 _V3A8105 _V3A8102 _V3A8098 _V3A8096_V3A8095 _V3A8091 _V3A8090 _V3A8089 _V3A8088 _V3A8086 _V3A8084 _V3A8083 _V3A8081_V3A8080 _V3A8078 _V3A8075 _V3A8074 _V3A8071 _V3A8066 _V3A8062 _V3A8061 _V3A8038_V3A8036 _V3A8035 _V3A8033 _V3A8032 _V3A8030 _V3A8027 _V3A8025 _V3A8021 _V3A8020

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