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Krispie Kreme Tuesday, The Comeback! Jan 24,2012

It’s a new year, so meaning the start of car meets once again. Krispie Kreme Tuesday is one of those meets that everyone of all car enthusiasts come to see, cars from the JDM, Hellaflush, Euro, Classic, and even Low-riders come out this Tuesday evening to show off their rides and hopefully to get some Donuts.

So around 8 PM, Jeremy Lee from Elite Autosports and I caravan to Burbank.

The moment we get there, the traffic cuts me off and I lose track of him, so I parked and saw this beauty,

Yes thats a R32 you see right there…

It was so packed that i couldn’t find fellow FreshOnStance memebers

There’s Brandon, one of our supports in his new daily driver

On to more pics….

Mhmmm deep dish

A late 70′s Celica! Now that’s well kept classic!

Angry Miata!

Battle scar?

Simple, yes so classic.

A blue panda STi?

Some ’86 love! Sitting mean on deep dish wheels!

Something about this bug catches my eye… mhmm

Oh dang! Imported strait from the aussie land!

Corolla on Work Miester’s eh?

Sick M3 stanced on Volks! (feature coming soon!)

Peeking inside… Type R seats eh?

Oh CCWs!

More CCWs!

What a clean Camry! Check out the scars from the ride height! Superb!

Bikes can come too!

Whats this?! A VW fitted with Porsche goodies, I like!

A flying bug on some Porsche wheels! Dang that looks Fresh!

Digging this Datsun truck!

Full racing Porsche GTS-4 spotted!

Infinit wheels representing!

An American Lead sled! Wow these are low!

My favorite 240 coupe!

Luigi’s S2000 on his current set of wheels! (They’re actually on sale!)

There’s that GTS-4 again making sure the cops don’t follow him home..

Team Nuisance!

And There’s Mac fixing his canyards that came off while he was exiting….

And thats it! Sorry for not having alot of pics, as usual the meet was ended by some dumb individuals which made Burbank police very angry. Besides that; It was a great meet! See you guys next month!

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