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Katy, the Jetta made Mexico

This little blue VW is so attractive that it always catches my eye, it all has the proper tools to make people do the “double look” (the moment when you see something thats attractive, you need to look at it twice).

When I first asked Alvaro why he chose the Jetta he simply just said “I wanted to be different”. Alvaro used his past experiences of a previous S-chassis owner and started to work on the Jetta.

Unlike other VW MK3s, Alvaro decided to buy some coils and ride static stance rather than to follow the norm of bagging (which is so popular in this chassis).

The wheels are 15×8 Fifteen52 Snowflakes wrapped by 195/45/15 Toyos. Which match the car perfectly!

All of Alvaro’s cars are family, and also a family affair. Katy was built with the love of Alvaro and his girlfriend Karolina. They’re such a loving family.

Katy, the VW made in mexico is a car that consist of things that most people don’t seem to value everyday. Its a car thats pretty, makes everyone happy and a car that brings a couple together! (thats Karolina right there fixing Katy’s door) What can you ask for more?

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