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Import Showcase Feb. 12th 2012

I want to apologize for the late coverage, i was a little under the weather and did nothing but rest. I’m feeling better now so ill just keep this short and to the point. Lets get to the photos!

FRESHonSTANCE’s good buddy James and his very clean Prelude.

My boy Jose’s Audi is everywhere isnt it? And he gets love from all the ladies.


Definitely a Streetsweeper.

My boys from Low N’ Slow showing what it’s really about. (Notice how Milt parked backwards)

Milt likes ass shots. (no pun intended). I meant ass* I’m sorry typo. see photo below..

Oh god i love wagons.

Holy TSX! Tracy’s “SLOWTSX”

Chris’ GS looking oh so sexy as always.

“Low N’ Slow”


Wilmer’s SC300 Looking “Mas Swag” With a fresh paintjob and new 97+ bumper kit w/ side-skirts, complete with Soarer badge.

As for these next 3 photos the only thing that kept coming to mind was “I like my chicks in 2′s”

Jared From UmWorks doing work on Tracy’s Tsx

Sexy Sexy. I’ll end it here with this beauty on a beauty. Make sure to keep it locked here for more coverages, features and other suprises.

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