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Gabe Santo’s Miata

It’s not everyday that you find a clean and simple miata. This one here is owned by 19 year old Gabe Santos. Previously he drove a slammed GTI, but has since moved on. He bought the Miata from his cousin about 6 months ago, after being car-less for months. So let’s just say that this one is going to be within the family for a while. Here is Gabe’s slammed Miata. Note: He raised it right before the shoot for his drive down to LA for Formula D Long Beach ;)




Mmm who doesn’t love yogapants?





It’s daily driven!

[youtube width="560" height="315"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FArUIoYQHtE[/youtube]
Mod List

work equips:

15×9.5 -9 with 195-50-15 falken 512

15×9.5 +3 with 195-50-15 falken 512

-Custom paint Audi aviator grey

-custom pulled fenders

-rear emblems shaved

-raised engine for more ground clearance

-flyin miata front + rear sway bar

-tein basic coilovers

-Isc top hats all 4 corners

-garage vary front lip

-oem rear lip

-bosch h4 headlight conversion with 4300k HID kit

-power window conversion

-alarm with keyless entry, shock sensor, ignition kill, etc.

-shorty antenna

-aluminum vent rings

-panasonic am/fm/cd/mp3 cd player

-new soft top with glass rear window w/ zipper

-tinted front signal lights

-Nardi deep corn 330mm steering wheel

-nrg quick tilt lock

-custom exhaust with tilted exit, and resonator

-updated center console

-raceland front tie bar

-Rear lip oem

-Oem hard top from 99 nb with side latches

-New custom tail lights

-949 end links front and rear

-hard dog roll bar

-front license plate relocation kit

-new 2000 MSM seats in black with red stitching.

-blox 490 heavy shift knob


Future Mods


-sr20 or 1.8 swap.


  • Craig May 30, 2012

    Not worth 8,000 that’s for sure.

  • Cedric July 11, 2012

    Hi, I suppose you are Gabe.

    I have a question for you, I got a ’96 miata and want to put new rims on it. I’ve been thinking about some dare BBA rims. I want them 9″ wide, but I’m afraid the tires will scrape againts the hole. I’m from Belgium and we have some severe rights here about cars. So just wondering what is your opinion?


  • Eric linen July 21, 2012

    I saw on your YouTube video that this fresh ass miata was for sale. This is the only grey miata I’ve seen for sale in Cali and I don’t want any other color, grey is my favorite color so yeah. I live in SoCal and I am wondering if you still have it up for sale. If so hit me up on my email.

  • Christian September 26, 2012

    How much you selling the car for?


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