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FR-eSh | Marlon Gamez FR-S

Hey guys Keison back again with another get featured submission! On the cusp of 86Fest its only right we bring this to you now!! If you dont know what 86Fest is check the link! Now, meet Marlon Gamez and his Scion FR-S on VIP Modular VRC13‘s. This one comes to you from  Metairie, Louisiana by way of Blake Thibodaux shooting this feature exclusively for FRESHonSTANCE. This Beautiful FR-S belongs to an ordinary 20 year old college student working full time. Lets see the fruits of his labor shall we?


Front-engineRear-wheel driveSport  | Yep! Check!!



Im not a huge fan of carbon fiber but this isn’t bad, i actually kinda like it. So yea lets get some Ass in there! Can we get a model in there as well?!?!


Woah! Too much!!! Slim it down just a bit! How bout a sexy model huh?


Yea thats more like it! She is definitely FRESH! A head turner fasho!


Hard parked in the middle of the city that’ll turn some heads as well! Im pretty sure the local paramedics had their hands full picking up a couple people with broken necks! BOOM!



What beautiful eyes you have..


I am  very big fan of VIP Modular wheels. Just look at those VIP Modular VRC12‘s, he’s rocking 19×9.5 up front! And in the back you say?



In the rear he’s rocking 19×10.5 and its +30 all the way around. Nicely wrapped in some Hankook Evo V12′s.  Now i know you guys are wondering what does it look like rollin’. Well no longer will you have to “Picture him rollin” because we here at FRESHonSTANCE got you covered! Enjoy it, it is definitely worth a thousand words..

Marlon adds, “I’m in love with stance so i decided to stance my car even with  the terrible roads here in Louisiana. I guess you can say I’m bout that life.”


He also said that he is pretty new to the car scene and he’s glad to become a part of it, and that he ” Made so many new friends and a lot of great connections”. So Marlon any shoutouts?!?

Marlon –  I would like to thank first of all my girlfriend Joy Bui for supporting me through everything and supporting that i put a lot of time into my car, also big thanks to  Suworks Auto Magic and the whole team, Sumo Dinh, Phillip Tran, Tommy Thompson, Brett Barrios, and everyone else there. they’ve spent countless hours working on my car and teaching me everything i know.


And as the sun sets on this beauty of a car Marlon calls his, I will wrap up this feature! Be sure to stick around for a full mod/spec list from this feature(Just Keep Scrollin’). And stay tuned to FRESHonSTANCE.com for more features, coverages and more!  Also stop by our Online shop and pick up all your FRESHonSTANCE merch at ShopFOS.com This is Keison signing out, Peace!


Photos by: Blake Thibodaux exclusively for FRESHonSTANCE

Words by: Keison Godfrey(with quotes from Marlon Gamez)


Mod/Spec List



-Vis Ams carbon fiber trunk

-Seibon carbon fiber diffuser cover

-Agency power carbon fiber mirror covers

-JDM fog lights

-JDM window visors

-JDM rear fog light

-Beat Sonic carbon shark fin

-JDM clear side markers

-JDM Toyota badges



-VIP Modular VRC13

-Front: 19×9.5

-Rear: 19×10.5 +30 all around

-Hankook Evo v12 

-Front: 225/35/19

-Rear: 245/35/19



-BC Racing coilovers

-Megan Racing toe arms

-GT spec control arms



-Greddy Evo 3 exhaust

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  • Derrick FaRealz November 20, 2013

    Seen this car around Lakeshore. And at IFO this past weekend. It ain’t all that. Figment could be cleaner. And Suworks is the place to go if you can’t afford a real shop and want to wait weeks for sloppy work.


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