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Formula: Simplicity

Audi’s are a car you don’t see stanced very often. John Ignacio, though, took the plunge and not only stanced his Audi A6S, but he did it right. His formula for success: simplicity.

He chose KW V1 coilovers to get the drop just right; not too low, but not high in any respect. Then, he bolted on some Fabulous Profounds, a go-to wheel choice for a car with the panache and VIP-personality of the Audi A6S.


The specs fit the car like a glove, sitting in at 19×9.5 +20 in the front, and 19×10.5 +30 in the rear, with the tire specs being 215/35/19 and 225/35/19, respectively. Nothing is overdone to this beautiful Audi; he has no other modifications to it. Instead, John lets the already-beautiful lines of the car speak for themselves.

Owner: John Ignacio

Photography: Julian Guia.


  • alexsays September 19, 2011

    so clean!

  • ilike! September 20, 2011

    so sick!


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