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AutoFRESH @ Vertical Doors Inc. on Feb 4,2012

A few months ago AutoProject team and FRESHonSTANCE worked together to conduct a meet. It wasn’t just a stance meet but a meet that welcomed all cars such as muscle cars, DUB rides, clean daily drivers. This was actually one of the meets where there was no drama and no idiots. Thanks again for AutoProject for making this event with us, now on to the pics.

We had to leave Los Angeles around 10:00 AM to get in before the crowds, so we filled up out tanks and went our way.

So on the way to Corona, I decided to take pics of Chris’ Midnight Purple 240sx. I see you!

Whoa! Rolling hard!

So at 11:45 we arrived, and got our spots. I spy Low n Slow!

Team Nuisance checking out our new hoodies! Remember pre-order yours now!

There’s Tommy’s tC on his crazy wide Work Eurolines!

A little over 200 cars made it to the meet! Thanks again every who came!

Danny’s Lancer on XXRs, white on white!

mhmm Super Charge….


mhmm. Looks familiar…

DA trio!


clean Volvo!

Break time!

ooo K20!



Hey its John filming!

Clean GTI! Feature coming soon!

And thats it!


We had a wonderful time at Verticle Doors, meeting new and familiar faces. Once again, thanks AutoProject for the opportunity to have this great show with us! Thanks for all of those who came out! See you all soon!


  • Jose February 20, 2012

    Damn my Rhd Ek looks good sure do miss her :(

  • Nexus November 28, 2012

    I took Eurolines from Amsterdam to Prague. AAHHH. The length of the drive wasn’t too bad, but god the drirevs were horrible. Both were Czech and major assholes. The bus had only about 10 people on it and my boyfriend fell asleep with his foot up on the next seat because no one needed it. The driver came back and started shaking him and yelling in czech and then made a punching motion at him. It was totally fucked up. Everyone was pretty terrified of the guy for the rest of the drive. One guy fell asleep behind me and snored and farted really loud. That part was somewhat humorous, but I was glad when we got to Prague.Actually no, I hated Prague too Take the train if you can.

  • Anika November 28, 2012

    Eurolines is usually ralley good. I have been travelling only in Baltic countries. last time the servicce was excellent. We had breaks in nice cafees and there was also films going on in the bus. They also stamp your luggage so you get a receipt from every bag you have in the trunk.There are more lines than they tell in their website. The timetables aren’t updated on web that often but don’t you worry. That doesn’t mean that busses are not going.It can be hard to find all the timetables and bus companies from the web, but i can tell you there is plenty of bus routes in Europe, national and international. So you don’t need to worry about them.


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