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AutoFRESH Part No. 2 Feb. 4th 2012

Hello all, heres photo coverage of AutoFRESH, a collaborative car meet/show from AutoProject and yours truly FRESHonSTANCE. We had a really good turn out with about 200 or so cars. This time I’m going to keep it short. Here are the photos…

We’ll Start this Coverage off with some VIP.

Hmm Purple…

This BMW is too clean. I think I’m in love..

Scion Tc on Rotiform Blq’s .

Everyone knows how i love old school Euro Cars. Mmmm…

The FRESHonSTANCE Booth. On sale in the FoS shop Crew Neck Sweaters PreOrder Now!!!!

Now thats a wagon! I give this one a FoS Clean and Simple!!!

“GET CLSR” why dont ya?!?

I saw this clean S2000 on the freeway and we had kind of an unofficial caravan. haha. Although he was unaware. Any-who, I’ll end the photos here with 3 photos of white 350z’s.

I’ll end the coverage here with the winner of the Best Stance category of the awards. Congrats to Milt over at Low N’ Slow. Shout out to all the crews that came out to support, a lot of familiar and new faces. Thanks to AutoProject for collaborating with us on this. Also a thank you to Vertical Doors For letting us have our event on the beautiful property. Keep it locked Folks to FRESHonSTANCE.com for more Coverages, Features, Videos, and Merchandise don’t forget to like our page on Facebook. This is Keison signing out, till next time..

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