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Auto Gallery 2013 | Huntington Beach

Whats up everyone my name is Dylan Hayden, I’m from Orange County, CA. I’m a car enthusiast as well as a photographer/cinematographer by hobby. This is my first post for FOS, hope you guys enjoy and there will be many more to come!

This is the second annual Auto Gallery in Huntington Beach, California. Presented by Canibeat and hosted by Praxis Productions.

It was a small area, but man was it packed with a lot of awesome builds. Cars were literally mirror to mirror in some spots. I was really impressed with the turn out. Not only was it a good show, but all the proceeds were donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Liver Unit. Love to see people giving back to the community.




 Vip Modular had a booth setup showcasing some of there custom wheels. Loving all of them!! They have a lot of unique finishes available to order. Changing the wheel game!


Beautiful Rocket Bunny FRS on some vskf’sIMG_8495




Kudos on turning this soccer mom van into a straight g ride!


There was a few Ferraris that attended as well. I could feel my insides rumble when they started this beast up.IMG_8644




A FRESHonSTANCE fan in his natural habitat; what a sight. IMG_8533

Here’s a few of the cars from Eleven 11th Dynasty. This is Abe’s GS300 on  getting a lot of attention.

Sitting on some Leon Hardiritt Ritters. Full feature on his gs coming soon!IMG_8532

Gabrielle’s Audi A5 sitting pretty.

Tommy aka founder of FOS’s bagged TC on some bright blue meisters.IMG_8520 IMG_8519

In the truck is a custom set up built by @DavidDeezign. Check him out he does sick work.IMG_8683 IMG_8684

Johnne Sou’s bagged e60 on some Waffles. On point! Full feature coming soon as well.IMG_8583

Elvis’s Mercedez 300e. ClassicIMG_8585BBrandon’s bagged XB took home first place for Best Scion. Congrats!IMG_8539


K series motor in this CRX is looks amazing. Thumbs upIMG_8544



GTR in a super bright orange! I’m sure cops spot this thing out from a mile away.


GS from MV Wraps. Unique!



This G37 was getting a lottt of attention. Looks fierce with that flat blackIMG_8570


Normally Accords don’t catch my eye but i was really digging this champagne sedan.IMG_8571

II don’t even know where to begin with this Z! I’ll let the pictures explain for me…IMG_8575

Avant Garde’s are killin the scene right now.


Omid Killing the 240 game.IMG_8581

Also was impressed with the American cars that entered. Always cool to see a touch of import thrown into a muscle car.


Fitment is on point with these MRR HR3′S.IMG_8588



Loving this flat red beamer on te37 Sl’s. Makes me want to take her for a track day!!IMG_8600


DC5 on some teal vsxx’s. CLEANIMG_8602

Haha I’m not ganna lie this is sweet.IMG_8603

Wow. Just wow. Bagged Audi’s are a WIN.IMG_8604 IMG_8605

It’s nice to see a stock body FRS, with the Rocket Bunny’s taking overIMG_8612

Stunting some CCW’sIMG_8606


IMG_8616 IMG_8618 IMG_8619 IMG_8620

I’m dissapointed I didnt get a picture what car this beast was in. ITB’s ftw!IMG_8621

IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626

More tuck then a prostitute in Thailand. IMG_8627

IMG_8629 IMG_8630 IMG_8631

Derek’s Project Zero Zenki. I’ve been following his build. Keep it up man!IMG_8636

Seriously loving this TL. Kudos for being original!IMG_8637 IMG_8638 IMG_8639

Ricky aka DJ BIGRICK’s bagged Genesis rocking some custom ccw’s.IMG_8642 IMG_8645 IMG_8646 IMG_8647 IMG_8648

Jon Tran’s Genisus sporting some Weds Kranze Bazreia’s.IMG_8651 IMG_8652 IMG_8655


All gold errthing.IMG_8657

I’m sure alot of time, blood and tears went into this build. All worth it!IMG_8658

2jz just chillin.IMG_8661

Armand’s legendary Devil Horned Mr2, always a pleasure.


Mercedez! Wait no its a gs300!! What??!!IMG_8666

IMG_8668This GS on Waffles is ridiculous!!


Fitment on point.IMG_8669

This y33 won best VIP! There was a lot of competition, im sure it was a hard call for the judges.IMG_8677 IMG_8680

IMG_8681 IMG_8682


This z is rockin the yellow perfectly!!



IMG_84955 IMG_86755 IMG_8592

Hoped you guys enjoyed my coverage! Tag the owners if you know them!

Remember if you think your car is dope and want us to feature you, send us a message with a picture and mod list!


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