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What’s up guys, Dylan Hayden back again for some more event coverage.

This time I went to Auto Fashion’s VIP Festival in Vista, CA. It was a really good turn out, lots of really nice VIP and tuner cars.

I met up with some members of Eleven 11th Dynasty to caravan down to Vista. We hit up Starbucks and then were on our way!

Got some nice rolling shots of their cars on the way also.


Johnne Sou’s bagged e60 on Waffles IMG_9528


Tuan rolling in his VIPKDM bagged Elentra on bbs’s. Yup i said BAGGED.IMG_9546

Mr FreshOnStance himself Tommy LeIMG_9572

Nicholas’s bagged ls430 on Fabulous Profounds.IMG_9578

Chris’s bagged benzo taped up for the trip.IMG_9613

Cesar’s bagged benzo.IMG_9626


Chris’s gs rockin some chrome style 95′s.IMG_9475

Ayyyyyye. Javier saying whats up in his bagged xb hahaIMG_9649

HONK 4 TOAST! lolIMG_9515IMG_9670

Fat line up going to the spot. I already knew it was ganna be dope.IMG_0048


This speed bump was a killer…well at least for the static life haha.IMG_9679 IMG_9680 IMG_9681IMG_0024

Out of the wilderness. A Fresh On Stance fan appears!!!IMG_9682 IMG_9685 IMG_9687 IMG_9688


RHD Type R integra. This is the car that really got me into cars back in the day. Am I the only one?IMG_0020

Really interesting to see this year of a corolla in the vip seen. Actually was pretty cool looking.


Tommy doing his thing. If you haven’t seen the footage from these event yet…

GO GO GO! https://vimeo.com/79545041IMG_9704 IMG_9706 IMG_9707 IMG_9709





That red diamond stitched interior was HOT.IMG_9722 IMG_9721 IMG_9720 IMG_9718 IMG_9716


IMG_9740 IMG_9744

Loving the project MU brakes.IMG_9737

Bazreias’ seemed to be a really popular wheel choice. But who could blame them, they’re beautiful!IMG_9738





Some of these aggressive kits were insane! Definitely changing the game. Is Fast and Furious 1 making a comeback?!? IMG_9759


Insane brake setup from R1 Concepts.IMG_9765

Y33 fitment is on point!!IMG_9769

LS rocking some Waffles. Really enjoy factory 2 tone on these Lexus’s.IMG_9770



Prince’s bagged e30 on some BRIGHT pink BBS’s. Hard to miss.IMG_9771

IMG_9726 IMG_9734

Not enough poke!!!….hahaIMG_9729

Definitely an eye catcher. You have to see this insane fitment in person, pictures do no justice. Not sure if he did it for fun or if he actually likes the fitment but either way its insane..and static!!IMG_9728

LOVE this accord on Work Schwert Sc2′s.IMG_9731

VIP GS on some Work Emitz.IMG_9772

Some crazy wide offset in the front of this Project Zero hatch.IMG_9775 IMG_9778

Another Project Zero 240. Derek’s supermade s14. Looks ready for battleIMG_9781

Y33′s killin the game!IMG_9782

Auto Fashion y33. Thumbs upIMG_9783



That red definitely made this LS stand out. Wasn’t very many bright colors at this meet.IMG_9794IMG_9787

Dope rear center console. Luxury is what vip is all about.IMG_9796

Kevin’s GS on SSR SP3′s.IMG_9797

Custom wide body to fit those fat wheels.IMG_9800

Jan Villanos’ GS430. There’s so many awesome things about this car. i remember when i first saw it when it was featured in Canibeat, when it was rolling on some Work Ryver’s. And yes its static!!


A bumper from a 2007-2009 Mercedes Benz E350 Sport was custom molded to fit. Really makes this gs stand out.IMG_9803

Mike Vo’s GS from MV Wraps.Definitely liking the black more than its previous red wrap.IMG_9804


IMG_9807IMG_0045 IMG_9809IMG_9805

Another red lexus popping out from the harsh sun that day.IMG_9814

What’s a meet without some slammed Ruckus’s right??IMG_9817

Bride seat and the individual throttle body gives this Ruckus some flare. Along with some carbon fiber parts to.IMG_9819

Yes I KNOW. I want one to hahaIMG_9820


LS sittin pretty on some SSR MS3′sIMG_9827

One of the highlights of the meet for sure. Everyyything seemed to be modified in some way on Chris Pineusa’s Central Pine Ls430 from the one off headlights to the aggressive widebody.IMG_9829

LED tail lights blinking all different types of ways and directions.IMG_9824IMG_9826IMG_0043IMG_9855

Can’t get enough of this purple van on emitz!!!IMG_9856



Nit In’s Spoon s2k chillin just outside of the meet area. It was awesome to see his s2k in person after seeing his  Stance Works feature awhile back.IMG_9859

Sick NSX and Ls at the Falken booth.

IMG_9862 IMG_9871

Lovee this GS on Leon Hardiritt Friedens.IMG_9865IMG_9864

Im kicking myself in the butt for not getting more shots of this LS.

This is a Job Design Ls460 Imported from Japan!!! It has enough LED’s through out it to start a rave.IMG_9847

AME Shallen wheels on display.IMG_9848IMG_9833

VIP Prius goin hard. Looks like it has a lot of it’s style form the crazy Japan scene.IMG_9834IMG_9837IMG_9850

Mark’s Phaze 2 M5 on Orden’s.IMG_9851IMG_9853 IMG_9831 IMG_9869

Yogi’s bagged and wrapped GS430 sporting a Vertex kit and some  Weds Maverick 405S.IMG_9872

Ko’s dumped is300 on some vsxx’sIMG_9875

Clean g35 on LXZ’s.IMG_9877 IMG_9878

Definitely something different! 300C on Bazreia’s. IMG_9879

There were some sweet Datsun’s to! Including this wagon with a built Sr20det!!!IMG_9880 IMG_9883 IMG_9886IMG_9888IMG_9889

Bozo style!!IMG_9891

Heres this y33 again getting lots of surprised and confused faces haha.IMG_9892

Sweet og Celica GT.


All time favorite. The OG Skyline.IMG_9895

With a heart transplant. This RB20DET Must be insanely fun in this small Skyline.IMG_9899

Air Conditioning? hahaIMG_9901 IMG_9904 IMG_9905

Proper SCIMG_9906 IMG_9907

Is 250 rockin some chrome style 95′s.IMG_9908IMG_9912IMG_9909IMG_9910IMG_9911

Look out! It’s Godzirraaaa.IMG_9914IMG_9916 IMG_9922

Drifto??IMG_9925 IMG_9927 IMG_9931

There she is again. The wheels are Jongbloed Racing Wheels btw.IMG_9932

Even a Low Rider showed up! True OG.IMG_9933 IMG_9934

Project Zero Odyssey. IMG_9935 IMG_9936

Really was a good turn out.IMG_9939 IMG_9940

Johnne’s e60 on custom step lip Waffles.IMG_9941

Some of the Eleven 11th Dynasty Family.

IMG_9943IMG_9945 IMG_9946 IMG_9947 IMG_9948dsdsd


VIP table custom made by David Deezign to match Tuan’s wood Nardi.IMG_9950

Javier’s bagged xb without the skittle tape haha.IMG_0010 IMG_0014

Mando’s e90 rocking an m3 kit.IMG_0019IMG_9689

Brandon’s bagged XB shinin.IMG_0025 IMG_9693 IMG_9696

Chris’s GSIMG_9969

IMG_9955 IMG_9975

IMG_9976 IMG_9979IMG_9953

IMG_9983IMG_0001IMG_9986IMG_9991IMG_9988 IMG_9995

Such a sick trunk/air set up.


Mike’s TL is one of a kind. Just look at datass.IMG_9961 IMG_9965


Couple cars from LOW’N SLOW.IMG_9998IMG_0070

We had a huge caravan after the meet in search for a spot to take some more pics.IMG_0071

Unfortunately, we got lost and lots of people separated. We ended up just going to eat with the group we had left haha.IMG_0074

And we’ll end this blog with some boobies haha.

If you want your car featured make sure you message us with a couple pics and a list of mods!

Hope you guys enjoyed this coverage. Tag the owners of the rides if you know them!!

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  • Alex Thomason January 28, 2014

    Such a fun time, thanks for the pics of my car, my foster dog “Turbo”, and my trunk setup.


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