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Last year at Import Alliance I spotted Josh’s Subaru and it was love at first sight. This year, I made sure to reach out a few months in advance and ask him if he’d have some free time this year during IA to split off from the show and shoot a feature. Lucky for us, he was happy to.

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Hey everyone, new guy here! My name’s Kalen and I’m a photographer here at FRESHonSTANCE covering the midwest!

Originally from a small Nebraska town, Jed’s come a long ways since he’s taken an interest in cars. After seeing his friend’s 3rd generation Prelude laid out with aggressive fitment, he decided to drive into the stance culture. When he first picked up his Miata just over a year ago, he never thought he’d be where he is today. “I bought the Miata as a fun project, never thought I would end up owning one,” he told me. It didn’t take him long to start turning heads.

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