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Attention To Detail | Eric’s 1984 BMW 528e

Between both school and work I haven’t had much time to put together a feature in a long time. This is a feature that I’ve been meaning to share with you since back in September when I shot my good friend Eric’s 1984 528e all the way from Rochester, New York. Like I said in the last feature there are only a hand full quality builds coming from our small city in the North East, and this happens to be another one of them.


I fell in love with Eric’s car from day one. When he posted pictures on Facebook of his new purchase. I knew he had something great under his sleeves. He ended up doing a full on restoration of the car. A completely custom wrap done by Perfection Auto Detail, custom mid-pipe by Roc-Euro and a beautiful set of late 80s BBS RS’s.



“My buddy Jon got at e30 and I loved it. I just wanted to go in a slightly different direction because I like the shark nose and prefer 4 doors.” – Eric P.



Eric decided to have the car sit on a custom static suspension and went with classic BBS RS’s with 24K gold bolts, Hyper Silver faces and polished lips. That sit with a aggressive 17×10.5 in the rear and 17×9.5 up front. Thanks to Falken tires the wheels are wrapped in 215/45 in the rear and 205/45 in the front.



One thing that I can appreciate about the Euro car scene is the attention to detail that these guys take to their cars. They don’t always go all out and replace everything from body panels to full on engine swap. They have a much finer approach to their builds, taking everything one step at a time and Eric has done that. He managed to put together a beautiful car that reflects the person that he is while still maintaining the original parts that make it unique.


It’s a true honor to be able to shoot a car like this.

Big thanks to Dave C., Roc-Euro, Red-I Imports, Perfection Auto Detail, and the Rochester car community


- 1984 BMW 528e
- Bilstein Sport Struts
- e90 spring plates up front and recessed strut mounts in the rear
- Custom rate B&G springs
- Custom wrap Matte Metallic Blue done by Perfection Auto Detail
- 71′ Raid Turbo steering wheel in Anodized Gold with orginal leather
-17×9.5 front
-17×10.5, rear
-Falken tires
-205/45 front
-215/45 rear


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