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Scion tC’s get such a bad stigma anymore. Often they are riced out beyond belief and thus have become the butt end of many car jokes. There are a few of us who are trying to prove that point wrong, and a perfect example is Jasper Asher of Palm Springs Florida.

Jasper’s tC is clean beyond belief. He is sitting on some wheels no tC has ventured to use before; Rotiform Monoblock NUE’s.


His Flint-Mica tC has always been an object of desire. His previous set of wheels were Enkei SBC RPF-1′s. He sold those to step up his game and go with a little bit more classy and euro wheel in the NUE.


He doesn’t have the plethora of modifications most do and his ride honestly does not need any more. He is running the sought after OEM front lip and is sitting on some B&G coilovers.


Honestly we’d like to see him go a little lower, but it is understandable that its hard to go super low with his wheel specs. He is sitting in at 18×9.5 all around on 215/40/18′s, and as for the offsets Jasper won’t share, but I’m pretty sure the rears are somewhere in the single digits.


All photography is courtesy of Mr. Asher as well. He is quite skilled when it comes to that respect as well.


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