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A Well Equip’d G50

Work Equips are such a simple, classic wheel design: the five spoke. They happen to also be three piece, often come in crazy widths and offsets, and usually look quite stunning when mounted on pretty much any car. They’re usually seen on 350z’s and 240sx’s, but here we see a very different platform. enter Jimmy from Liberty VIP.



The Infiniti Q45, or G50, is a car rarely stanced. It is resting on some Fortune Auto 500 coilovers, with some 14k/11k spring rates to stiffen the ride out just a bit. ┬áThe Equips aggressive, so much so that -8F/-10R degrees of camber were needed to run them. They are stepped-lip, coming out at a whopping 18×10 et-33 in the front and 18×12 et-3 in the rear.



The 1-inch fender pull still leaves the wheels with a massive amount of poke. I love the look of the insane amounts of camber as well.



This G50 is bone-stock besides the suspension and wheels. I like that OEM+ sort of feel, but personally I’d like to see a different grille, and honestly that is it.

Full modification list:
Fortune Auto 510 series coilovers
Spring rate 14k / 11k
JIC 25mm Shorten FUCA
JIC Tension Rod
Fenders are pulled all around about 1″
Work Equips Step Lip 18×10 -33 / 18×12 -3
Nexan 3000 225/40 :: Nankang NS2 265/35
Camber -8F / -10R.

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