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310 Caravan to So You Think You Can Stance

We all know that this past weekend was the So You Think You Can Stance Meet/Competition. Well Tracy of Low N’ Slow Crew thought that us from the 310 should roll in hard. So thus this 310 caravan was created. Rolling about 10-15 cars deep we definitely turned some heads on the freeway. Now enough talk lets see some photos.

This Purple G35 Looked amazing rolling on the freeway.

Mac Cruz of Team Nuisance Rolling Hard in his Rx-7.

Yoshi of Team Nuisance Rolling in his Evo.

Purple G35 Rolling to the Front of the caravan.

Team Nuisance Tc.

OneLove Luis’ Tsx.


Tracy Of Low N’ Slow Crew in his Tsx on CCW’s with gold faces and bolts.

Members Of Low N’ Slow Crew, Chris Why so Serious?

Ill end the Caravan coverage here with this sexy silver beauty..

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