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The Scion FR-S(FT-86), the long awaited sports car of the decade was unveiled unveiled yesterday, on Wednesday November 30,2011 to a small number of people at a private event in Los Angeles. This private event consisted of exclusive people in the automotive industry, famous Toyota/Scion race car drivers, famous newspapers and blogs, and most of Scion owners. To me, this was the first ever revealing that I attended so I didn’t know want to expect.

When I first entered the studio, the two first things I saw were a modified AE86, and a covered FR-S (which would later be the GReddy modified FR-S). Looking around I saw HPI Racing showing off their electric drift cars, wow those things were fun, they also can get crazy angles too! Then a few steps ahead, theres was a section where you can actually test drive the FR-S, too bad it was only on Gran Turismo. So what the heck, I choose a white FR-S, chose some slick tires and took it on the Nurburgring. Further down the studio there was Toyota’s history hall where they had all of the cars the helped inspire the build and design of the FR-S, cars such as the Toyota Celica 2000GT, Toyota S800, Toyota Supra Turbo MKIV, Toyota MR-2 Turbo, Lexus LF-A, and most off all the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86. All six cars where on a platform, they were even lifted by Toyota forklifts! Wow Scion/Toyota can make their events really memorable! Here are more photos of all the cars: The very rare, limited production Toyota Celica 2000GT, one of Japan’s first sports car that would take on the Europeans. mhmmm dual exhaust…. The Toyota S800, where the FR-S gots it power-train design. It sports a 790cc two-cylinder boxer engine fitted on a rear-drive platform. Here are the two cars the truly inspired the FR-S’ retro design and function. The exotic LF-A design with the classic yet sporty style of the AE86 made the design of the FR-S very attractive, functional, and classy. The FR-S was modeled after the AE86, making a car that’s affordable, powerful, and most all a weekend warrior. Now on the unveiling… Here’s Scion VP, Mr. Jack Hollis getting the crown amped up before the release. The crowd waiting with anticipation, then… waiting….(here you  see Mr. William Lee recording live for NIGHT-IMPORT) BOOM! Here comes the production ready 2013 Scion FR-S! Okay, now no more talking and more photos. 17′s!

The FR-S’ signature badge, showing’s its brotherly love of the AE86, with its new boxer engine powerplant. Sport bucket seats with red stiching May I have a 6-speed please? Look at that rear end! Close up on the rear tails I had so much at this event! Meeting new people and being one of the first to see the FR-S. The FR-S is the car thats going to take Toyota and Scion to new places. Its going be the first to start and bring back the era of a car that that can take you places on the week day and race on the weekends.

PS, it gets released next SPRING.

Please stay tuned for the GReddy spec FR-S..

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