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May 2011

When you see the logo or hear the name “INFINITI” you know what it represents!! Luxury & performance. This is exactly what Charles was looking for, but wanted to improve the car to stray away from every Infiniti out there. How can you improve the brand Infiniti you ask?!? Well, that’s where Charles became an innovator, a risk taker, and brought you this….

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When Lexus debuted the “GS” series it was to be used and marketed as luxury automobile, a car that has amenities such as leather and wood trimmings. Young Choi’s 1998 GS400 is still a luxury car, but a car with a little more extra!

Young’s GS is by means low as in GANGSTA LOW! It was so low that it got stuck going to the first ever FRESHonSTANCE photoshoot (which we will posted up very soon!!!). This GS400 has went through many modifications and custom fabrication to made his stance look so perfect. The suspension is very unique; dropped on STATIC/Megan Racing LP coilovers on custom springs ratings, 12kg/lb in the front and 10 kg/lb in the back, which is then paired with custom STUDIO front RCAs to get as much camber possible.

Along with his very low stance he has added neck-breaking 19 inch hyper-black Varrstoen ES 2.2s with 9.5s in the front and 10.5s in the rear.

You may call it VIP, slammed or even straight up gangster; the only thing I know that Young’s GS is something that many people of the stance community strive for, his low and aggressive stance paired with the right wheels is something that is not easily achievable. But don’t worry this GS400 isn’t complete yet! Young is currently in Japan right now thinking of new ideas for this beauty! Keep up with the great work Young and have a safe flight back!


Name:Young Choi

Location: Orange County

Car: :1998 Lexus GS400

Wheel/Tire Spec: Varrstoen ES 2.2.2 Hyper black front:19×9.5 -3 or so
due to custom cambered 35mm STUDIO front RCA 215/35/R19 Federal
595.Rear 19×10.5 +22  225/35/R19 Federal 595.

Suspension: STATIC/Megan LP Coilovers with 12k springs front 10k Rear.STUDIO
35mm Cambered front RCA,Ichiba extended studs front and TC rear
adjustable toe link.TC front and rear strut bars.LOL…AIR UP! get
stuck or go home :)

Camber:Front/ -8.0 degree’s with STUDIO 35mm cambered RCA’s Rear/ -6.0
degree’s stock eccentric adjustment.

Exterior: Smoked LED Taillights & Weathertech window visors.

Interior: Stock tan leather with wood trim.

Eng: Stock 1UZFE 4.0L V-8 with WR Intake and straight piped with
Flowmaster mufflers.

Future Plans: LSD/ Hydraulic E-brake setup/Bride buckets/ 5spd manual
swap/Autopower half cage/Possibly a kit Veretex or Just TTE lip.Then
hit up Willow/Balcony.

Shout out’s:STUDIO!,Kyle,Ian,Charles,Sean,Vinh,and to everyone else i know if i left ya’ll out my bad you know who you are,and of course to Tommy and “FreshOnStance”crew..

When you see an STi fly by and hear it purring as it passes, its eye catching. This 05 STi which belongs to Kirk Rocha, is not just any other ordinary subie out there because of its unique fitment and stance. Kirk spends countless hours working on his car making it stand out from the crowd! Whether he’s modifying his engine, interior, or exterior you can defitnetly see his hard work and all i can say is ‘it payed off to get the look hes going for.

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When people start to say the name Nissan 240sx, they start to think of the most attractive, aggressive and stanced-out 240sx that comes to mind thinking of the most bad-ass S13 coupes and hatches, and S14s. But many tend to forget about the limited production convertible that was built throughout 1992-1994. Matt’s ’93 convertible is a great example how performance and stance can also be achieved with the top down.

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Lancer Evolutions have always caught the eye of many enthusiasts, teens, adults, and tuners throughout the 1990′s and even to this day. Evolutions have always been the start of many projects due to its four wheel drive durability, masculine lines and the sacred 4G63. But Carson’s  evolution has en companied two of the best genres of the tuning community, stance and performance.

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In the world of stance cars, the Nissan 350Z is well-known for being able to be fitted, with some ridiculous wheels.  This beautiful 350Z is owned and built by Luckie, who has been featured on many sites such as Stance Nation and Wrong Fitment Crew.

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This beautiful Torch-Red Z06 corvette is owned and built by Alex.  The goal for this corvette was to keep it simple but yet perform to its exceptional qualities and capabilities.  This corvette has a Bilstien Coilover suspension ; wheels consist of custom front 19 x 10, rears are 20 x 11 which are iforged classic brushed aluminum.  The performance mods consist of LG Headers and B & B Bullet exhaust system to give it a deep tone.

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My good friend Jared Bedrejo took these awesome shots of my car for me when I found out Tom wanted to post pics of my car on FreshonStance. Tom hit me up on ScionLife after he saw my build thread asking if I wanted to be the first to be featured. I said sure why not?

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