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In Love With the Coco: Dylan’s Pearl White WRX

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

 Here’s Dylan’s static 2014 WRX in that pearl white. Ironically Dylan and I have the same name which can get a little confusing haha. Dylan was born and raised in Anaheim, CA, where the stance seen has been growing larger and larger every year. Follow Dylan on Instagram to follow his build! @dylan_daviss00. And don’t forget to check out the video my buddy @shaunmilla did at the bottom!!!


IMG_2479 copy

He’s rockin a full aeroflow dynamics splitter kit on a chargespeed style front lip. The combo is amazing!! (Some photoshop fun)IMG_2362ll

To make his subie roar he had a Cobb intake, Cobb down pipe, and full custom 3 in exhaust to 4 4.5in blast pipes installed. Refer to video for an eargasm.


HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/Dylan rolls with crew #chaingang “Me and all my bagged and slammed subie homies!” Shout out to them!

HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

I felt we needed a proper spot to shoot since Dylan’s subie is so sick, so we headed to LA for the day. For you Fast and Furious fan’s that’s Han’s Garage in the back from Tokyo Drift! IMG_2750



He’s got some flawless Work VS-KF’s (18x 10.5 +20) with neochrome lug nuts and hardware.IMG_3058


FLAWLESS!!HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

Rolling static with BC Racing BR Extreme Low coilovers with custom 12k spring rates. He’s soon upgrading to air though but shhh don’t tell!IMG_2828





He has huge plans for his beloved subie, which include bags of course, new wheels, and maybe even a full wide body kit! Stay tuned!!IMG_2875

That pearl glistens during sunset. Typical LA traffic.IMG_2913


Dylan want’s to give a special thank’s to “My girlfriend Kylie and my parents for always backing me up on anything I have done!” Also a thanks to his sponsors at Outcast Garage.

Performance: Cobb intake, Cobb down pipe, full custom 3 in exhaust to 4 4.5″ blast pipes.

Exterior: Chargespeed style front lip, Full aeroflow dynamics splitter kit

Wheels: Work VS-KF 18×10.5 +20.  225/40/18

Suspension: BC Racing BR extreme Low coilovers with custom 12k spring rates.

Don’t forget to contact us if you want a feature! Send a pic with a list of mods and we’ll get back to you.

Video by Shaun McMillan



Pristine – Josh’s Bagged STi

a cover

Last year at Import Alliance I spotted Josh’s Subaru and it was love at first sight. This year, I made sure to reach out a few months in advance and ask him if he’d have some free time this year during IA to split off from the show and shoot a feature. Lucky for us, he was happy to.

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Black Mamba | Kurk’s Chevy Camaro


Recently I had the opportunity to visit South Florida and meet up with who I’d like to now call my good friend Kurk and his static Camaro sitting on Vossen CV3s. I’ve always heard about the car scene being so strong up and down the west coast but hear very little about what the guys are doing down south. Let me say this. These guys don’t play around when it comes to quality builds and setting trends.

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Flawless | Min’s BMW F30 335i


Never would I have thought that one day my photography would take me across the country. Well somewhat that is, I recently took a trip down to Dallas, TX in hope of expanding my photography career. During my stay I met Min, honestly it was very ironic how we managed to put this shoot together. My first day in Texas I spotted Min’s car at a BMW Classic in Plano, TX, and immediately snapped a quick picture of his car with my iPhone. Then I uploaded the photo to Instagram in hopes someone might know the owner of this seriously low F30. Surprisingly one of my friends Alexx recognized the car and sent me Min’s info over Facebook.

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Simple & Subtle | Pedro Garcia’s Ultramarine FR-S


Less really is more.

I had the privilege to shoot Pedro Garcia‘s incredibly underrated FR-S. This car is absolutely stunning in person and each piece flows with the next. This car is a breath of fresh air from all of the  Rocket Bunnies we’ve been seeing so much of lately. Pedro shows us that this car is clean even without the wide body kit.

There are just so many things about this car that get unnoticed which is what makes this such a clean and seamless build. So seamless that the car appears to be stock until you dig deep down into the details.

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What’s up guys, Dylan Hayden back again for some more event coverage.

This time I went to Auto Fashion’s VIP Festival in Vista, CA. It was a really good turn out, lots of really nice VIP and tuner cars.

I met up with some members of Eleven 11th Dynasty to caravan down to Vista. We hit up Starbucks and then were on our way!

Got some nice rolling shots of their cars on the way also.

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The Fall Street Sweeper | Jed’s Shark Fighter Miata


Hey everyone, new guy here! My name’s Kalen and I’m a photographer here at FRESHonSTANCE covering the midwest!

Originally from a small Nebraska town, Jed’s come a long ways since he’s taken an interest in cars. After seeing his friend’s 3rd generation Prelude laid out with aggressive fitment, he decided to drive into the stance culture. When he first picked up his Miata just over a year ago, he never thought he’d be where he is today. “I bought the Miata as a fun project, never thought I would end up owning one,” he told me. It didn’t take him long to start turning heads.

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Attention To Detail | Eric’s 1984 BMW 528e


Between both school and work I haven’t had much time to put together a feature in a long time. This is a feature that I’ve been meaning to share with you since back in September when I shot my good friend Eric’s 1984 528e all the way from Rochester, New York. Like I said in the last feature there are only a hand full quality builds coming from our small city in the North East, and this happens to be another one of them.

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Luxx Goods Trade Show & Car Showcase

Hello fellow FreshOnStance followers! My name is Patrick Pugeda and this is my first post for FreshOnStance. I am a photographer/videographer based out of San Diego, CA. One thing that I love about cars is how you can easily make them unique and stand out from the others. You can easily show off your personality in the little things you decide to do with your ride.

This past weekend, I attended the Luxx Goods Trade Show & Car Showcase hosted by Luxx Goods and Lotek Customs in San Diego. About 100 cars were showcased and the competition was very tough. Many car clubs attended and competed against one another, some clubs even going up against their fellow members. Some of these clubs include: Cali Coalition Car Club, Team Mistu San Diego, San Diego Subies, San Diego Stangs, and Nokturnal (San Diego).

It was a great turn out and hopefully I am able to attend more of the events to get more coverage for FreshOnStance!


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Auto Gallery 2013 | Huntington Beach


Whats up everyone my name is Dylan Hayden, I’m from Orange County, CA. I’m a car enthusiast as well as a photographer/cinematographer by hobby. This is my first post for FOS, hope you guys enjoy and there will be many more to come!

This is the second annual Auto Gallery in Huntington Beach, California. Presented by Canibeat and hosted by Praxis Productions.

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